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Proprietary Stock Market Trader Employment is provided for all individuals who wish to trade the capital of our chosen provider of professional trading services.  These providers will sponsor your education and pick up the cost of your education.
Experienced Equities Traders Wanted For Hire  -  (novices click here for CBSX Sponsorship program info)
Are you a seasoned trader looking for employment?  Our professional trading service provider will hire you to trade their firm's capital.  You may trade remotely from your personal location and enjoy our education and mentorship services at no cost.
Benefits for Qualified Traders
Those who qualify for this position will be provided with the following:
  Level II Direct Access Trading Platform - fully loaded quotes and charting package included
  Unlimited Access to our Online Virtual Trader Rooms - with realtime alerts, signals and stock plays
  Unlimited Access to our library of high quality online education videos - for Novice to Expert Traders
Qualification Requirements
  Stock Market Day Trading Experience (not required with CambridgeTrader Live CBSX Sponsorship)
  . Trader must be registered with the CBOE/CBSX or have required licenses
  Knowledge of  Level II Direct Access Trading Platform
  NASDAQ & Listed Securities Trading is permitted Only.
  . Equities / Stock Market Trading Only - no Futures, Forex, Options allowed at this time.
  . No overnight positions allowed (approval required)
  Telephone Interview required (Skype is used for outside US & Canada)
. FREE Education & Live Online Trader Room
  . 50 hours of Video Tutorials – Trading Strategies & Techniques for Experts and Novices ($6,000 Value)
  . Daily Research Report includes Hot Stock Picks for the Day and market research.
  . Access to our Expert Trader Chatroom (value $300 per month)
  . Personal Training & Coaching by phone or web meeting by a seasoned professional.
  . We analyze your trade reports and detect any areas where you may need improvement or advice
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