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CambridgeTrader FAQ's

I'm an experienced trader and do not require training courses from Cambridge.  Can I directly be recommended to a professional trading service provider and start trading?  Yes. We will evaluate your trading experience and put you in contact with our selected trading service provider if you should meet the qualifications.

How can I get employed with a proprietary trading firm, hedge fund or anyone who hires traders?  Cambridge is a prep school that has many direct contacts and in the proprietary trading industry.  We focus on educating our traders and providing them with the experience and tools needed to be recommended to one of our selected trader service providers.

Does Cambridge Trader's selected CBSX registered professional trading service providers provide capital for someone with little or no trading experience?

Yes.  Our selected proprietary trading firms and trader service providers will provide capital for individuals to trade.   One must be educated and experienced in order to qualify for such a position.  However, seasoned experts who are highly disciplined and serious about trading should contact us via email with an explanation of their goals, their background, and a resume if available. Upon evaluation, Cambridge will recommend you to a reputable provider that may hire you upon qualification.

I am an experienced trader representing myself and several other traders who would like to join Cambridge Trader Live. Can you accommodate us all at once?   Yes. Cambridge understands that traders sometimes move as individuals and sometimes as a group.  Our selected CBSX registered professional trading service providers accommodate any group of any size.

Do I receive a salary if I trade with a Cambridge Trader's selected service provider?
No.  In most cases, our selected CBSX registered professional trading service providers will allow you to keep a portion of your profits when trading their firm's capital.  These parameters may be discussed directly with the selected trading service provider.

I like everything I have read, but I don’t live in the New York City metro area.  Is remote trading available?
Absolutely. You can download the software and trader the capital of the chosen service provider from your personal location.

Is Cambridge Trader a licensed brokerage firm?
No. Cambridge Trader is an education provider / prep school that prepares individuals with the education and training needed to become employed by proprietary trading firms, broker dealers and any institution that hires traders to trade their firm's capital.  Individuals who already have experience and do not require education may be directly referred to one of our professional trading service providers and skip over the education and training courses.  Upon completion of CambridgeTrader courses and/or qualification, this firm will contact its selected service provider on your behalf and refer you to them for employment.

How do I get started?
You can get started by contacting us.

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